Sometimes I even annoy myself…

Hey everyone! Sorry for not posting in what seems like ages. I was just really busy.

So you know how I used to have another blog, Live Laugh Dolls, but then made this one because LLD had problems? Well, I have decided yet again to move this blog. This time I’m not using WordPress, I’m using Blogger. It just seems better for me, and I think I’ll be able to get more followers than I have on wordpress.

The blog is still going to be about dolls, and will still be called Maple Street Dolls. And, I’m keeping my wordpress blog up still because I have no idea how to import posts from here to blogger, so you wanna look back at my old posts, ya still can. =)

I’ll miss using WordPress, but I think Blogger is just a better  opportunity for me. I hope you understand and that you’re not mad at me or just really annoyed because I keep changing things around…

Here’s my new blog URL, please make sure to check it out and follow! :) http://maplestreetdolls.blogspot.com

See you over at blogger,


Floral Print ~ OOTW

I used to do an OOTW with Violet on my old blog, but I eventually stopped doing it because I ran out of outfit ideas, and I kinda got bored with it. Well, now I’ve decided to start it back up again, and I changed it up a little! Now I’m going to be including all of my dolls, not just Violet :) Today is Saige’s OOTW, and next week it will be another doll. I’ll rotate them ;) So here is Saige’s OOTW!


saigeootwpic saigeootwpic2

saigeootwpic4 saigeootwpic5

saigeootwpic6 saigeootwpic7

What she’s wearing:

Tank: AG Saige’s Sweater Outfit

Blouse: Hobby Lobby

Jeans: AG Ivy’s Meet Outfit

Shoes: Springfield Collection


Comment below if you want me to continue! :)


Meet My ‘New’ Doll, Charlotte :)

Nope, I didn’t get a new doll, I just changed Ruthie’s name and personality. I never really liked the name Ruthie, and when I got her, I didn’t have a personality made up for her already, so I just quickly made it up, not putting much thought into it. Well, now I realize that since I didn’t put much thought into it, I seem to not pay as much attention to her than I do the rest of my dolls. I really felt like I needed to give her a whole new name and personality that I would actually like, then I could use her more. So that’s why I’ve renamed her Charlotte (Charlie for short), and she’s a bookworm, nerd, loves writing, and music. I really think her name and personality fit her now, and I’ll be definitely using her more :D

-Abigail (and Charlie!)

P.S. I’ll update the ‘Meet the Girls’ page soon, I’ll let you know when I do ;)
P.S.S. Sorry this is such a short post! I’ll post a more interesting one on Sunday :)



Loren’s AG Fan Meet-Up

Hello everyone! This is just a really quick post, but I just wanted to show you guys what I’ll be wearing today for Loren’s AG Fan Meet-Up!


You can’t really see it, but I’ll be wearing a bubble braid, too :)

So if you see someone in this outfit today, don’t be afraid to say hi! It will probably be me ;) Also, FYI, I wear two-tone black and blue glasses :P

I have my homeschool group today, so hopefully I’ll be able to meet someone! :)



Family Photoshoot

When Loren did her family photoshoot, it reminded me that maybe I should do one, too, since I have Josie now. So without further ado, here is my family photoshoot! :)


~ L I N D S E Y ~

lindsey lindsey1 lindsey2 lindsey3

~ K I R S T E N ~

 kirsten1 kirsten

~ A D D Y ~

addy addy1


Doesn't her hair look pretty?

Doesn’t her hair look pretty?

~ M C K E N N A ~

mk mk1

~ S A M A N T H A ~

samantha samantha2 samantha3

Looks like my cat wanted to be in the picture, too ;)

Looks like my cat wanted to be in the picture, too ;)

~ V I O L E T ~

violet violet1


~ K I T ~

kit kit1

kit2 kit3 kit4

~ S A I G E ~

saige saige1 saige2 saige3

~ R U T H I E ~

ruthie ruthie1 ruthie2

~ E L E A N O R ~


(Sorry there’s not more of Ellie, I took more but I didn’t like them when I uploaded them to the computer =/)

~ J O E S F I N A ~

josei josie1 josie2 josie3 josie4 josie5

So, there ya have it, my family photoshoot! Who’s photos do you like the best? :)



Entry For AGPC: Friends!

Hey, everyone! This post is going to be really short, but here is my entry for Maddie’s AGPC. Challenge #2 is ‘Friends’.



The story is that Josie didn’t know how to roller blade, so Saige and Ellie taught her how. They were so happy when Josie did it by herself! ;D


So, there’s my entry! I know this is a really short post, but I plan to post something else tonight. :)




Kit LOVES Hats! ツ

*This is a super old post that I never posted, so I thought I would now :)*

Hiyo, everybody!

Yep, you read it right — I LOVE hats! If you’ve ever read my bio, it clearly says that I love them. Just like Violet collect shoes — I collect TONS of hats. Do you remember when we did a tour of our house?? Well, that bunk bed that I, Kirsten, and Addy share has two drawers — one of them is empty and the other is where I keep all of my hats ;) and I don’t let anybody touch them except for Violet – she takes care of my stuff. So, now I’ll be showing you my collection.


So, here are all of my hats put together. Total I have 11 of them. They’re all soooooooo adorable, comfy, cozy, stylish, and I could NEVER EVER part with any of them. Like, seriously, I and hats go together like Nutella and a spoon ;) Or I could say like milk and cookies, or I could say, well, anything that tastes yummy and goes together! BTW, did I mention that I LOVE Nutella?????????? Yes, I’m obsessed with Nutella as well as hats, any type of food, books, the internet, and so much more. You might think that I’m not picky (since I almost like everything), but really, I’m the most picky doll in the whole house! The rest of my sisters like everything. Well, Sam doesn’t exactly like fashion like Violet does, so I guess you could say she’s a little picky ;) Now, where was I? Oh, yeah, I was talking about my collection of hats…


The first hat I’ll be showing you is none other than my Meet hat! This hat is super cute and comfy.


I just had to show you the big green bow on the side of this hat! I’m also kinda obsessed with bows, in case you were wondering ;)


Next is this lovely purple hat featuring a cheerful butterfly. This hat comes from the Pretty and Plaid Dress


This hat was crocheted by Mom. It’s soooooooo fuzzy! I love the colors too.


The next hat is features this adorable bunny.


Look at this cute lil’ guy!!


This is my 5th hat. For me, it’s the perfect hat for the winter. The pom-pom is adorable! <3


This is my next hat that mom got for me from Walmart. I usually don’t like pink, but I like this hat :)


This is one of my favorite hats {but it’s not most favorite I saved that one for last :) }! I love how it’s so green {green is my absolute favorite color}!!


Here’s another one of my hats. I also let Sam borrow this one because she really likes it :) She says it’s perfect for hikes.


Here’s my next hat. It’s from Violet’s meet outfit.


Here is my second-to-last hat. It’s from my school outfit. Like I said before, I usually don’t like pink, but for some odd reason, I really like this hat :D

Now I’m gonna be showing you my absolute FAVORITE hat!!!!!!


Ta-da! Here it is, my favorite hat!!! Do you know why it’s my favorite hat???  Yep, you guessed it! BECAUSE IT HAS AN ADORABLE OWL ON IT!!!!!


 Isn’t he like the most adorable thing ever?!

Now I have a question for you!  Do you like hats?

Hope you enjoyed this post! Have a fabulous rest of the day!!!!! ツ

~Kit XD


What They Think #1: Back to School

*So, you guys probably hate me now? I am SO sorry I didn’t get this post up last Thursday. I was SUPER busy that day, plus my camera died on me and I don’t have any batteries. It’s still dead, so this post is gonna be picture-less. Sorry! :)*

So you guys were probably looking forward to a photoshoot? Well, sorry to let you down, but I thought of something that I think you’ll like better. I’ll post this new ‘series’ about once a month, or whenever I have time. I’ll pick a topic, and I’ll let my dolls say what they think of it. Comment below if you want me to continue it! :) this month’s topic is ‘Back to School’. Enjoy!

Lindsey: “I’m just really glad school is in the winter, not summer, because summer is when the weather is really nice and you want to garden, not sit in a classroom doing school work. Winter is still nice, but you can’t plant things then.”

Kirsten: “I like school, but it’s not my favorite. I really don’t like shopping, so B2S shopping is super boring. Then I also don’t like it when it’s snowing and I have to go to school.”

Addy: “I don’t really hate school, but I don’t love it either. School is just really annoying when those days come were you either just wanna stay in bed all day cause it’s too cold out, or since it’s snowing you wanna play.”

McKenna: “School gets in the way of my life. Espesially gymnastics.”

Samantha: “I absolutely love going back to school! I love everything about it.”

Violet: “Me and McKenna actually agree on something: school gets in the way of our lives. The only thing I like about it is that I get to go shopping. But even then, I sometimes don’t like it because it’s school supplies shopping, not clothes shopping.”

Kit: “All of my life I’ve hated everything about school. Studying, homework, tests, reading, and writing… I hate all of it. Well, actually, I can’t say I hate everything about school, because I do really like lunch time.”

Saige: “I think school is okay, but it’s not my fav. I mean, I do like art, history, and geography, and I REALLY like school supplies shopping, but other than that I really don’t care for it.”

Ellie: “Oooooo, I LOVE everything about school!! From back to school shopping, math, science, and history, to homework, I LOVE IT!”

Ruthie: “I think school is wonderful. I love my English class, I’ve met lots of new friends, and I love my new teachers.”

Josie: “I am going to a new school this year, and at first, I was very nervous about it, but Samantha helped me through the first day, and it’s been going really well. English class is also my favorite.”

So, whaddaya think of it? Should I do more of these?

~ Abigail ♥