A Short PS With McKenna + Some Behind-the-Scene Pictures

Hello everybody! Today I did a very short PS with McKenna, so I decided to post them today.

mkpic mkpic1

I love the lighting, but I wish I could see McKenna’s face in the picture :/

mkpic2 mkpic3 mkpic4 mkpic5


P.S. Oh, and here’s the behind-the-scenes pictures! Photo credit to my dad for taking the pictures :)

14538_ 35758_

That’s me!

Thanks for reading,

~ Abigail


25 thoughts on “A Short PS With McKenna + Some Behind-the-Scene Pictures

  1. Cute! I especially liked the “behind the scenes” photos. What kind of camera do you use? I have a Canon 2ti, yours looks similar, that’s why I asked.


  2. I agree, I love your lighting! McKenna looks so pretty with the fall leaves in the backround. Pic three is my fav, though they all are very cute! I like the ‘Behind the Scenes’ photos :0)
    – Zoë


  3. Hi! I love looking at your blog! These pictures of McKenna in this post are just beautiful and really well done! She looks beautiful in that little sweater and her necklace is so nicely placed!
    I love reading your blog, like I said, so I nominated you on my blog, for the Sunshine Award!!! Go to: http://www.anamericangirldollstory.blogspot.com in order to retrieve the rules you must follow to properly receive the award!
    Thank you,


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