Sometimes I even annoy myself…

Hey everyone! Sorry for not posting in what seems like ages. I was just really busy.

So you know how I used to have another blog, Live Laugh Dolls, but then made this one because LLD had problems? Well, I have decided yet again to move this blog. This time I’m not using WordPress, I’m using Blogger. It just seems better for me, and I think I’ll be able to get more followers than I have on wordpress.

The blog is still going to be about dolls, and will still be called Maple Street Dolls. And, I’m keeping my wordpress blog up still because I have no idea how to import posts from here to blogger, so you wanna look back at my old posts, ya still can. =)

I’ll miss using WordPress, but I think Blogger is just a better  opportunity for me. I hope you understand and that you’re not mad at me or just really annoyed because I keep changing things around…

Here’s my new blog URL, please make sure to check it out and follow! :)

See you over at blogger,


5 thoughts on “Sometimes I even annoy myself…

  1. I will miss you on WordPress, but I am sure that you will do what’s best for you. :) I wish there were more WordPress blogs, because I love commenting on WordPress, because comments in reply to mine, show up in my WordPress dashboard.


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