Floral Print ~ OOTW

I used to do an OOTW with Violet on my old blog, but I eventually stopped doing it because I ran out of outfit ideas, and I kinda got bored with it. Well, now I’ve decided to start it back up again, and I changed it up a little! Now I’m going to be including all of my dolls, not just Violet :) Today is Saige’s OOTW, and next week it will be another doll. I’ll rotate them ;) So here is Saige’s OOTW!


saigeootwpic saigeootwpic2

saigeootwpic4 saigeootwpic5

saigeootwpic6 saigeootwpic7

What she’s wearing:

Tank: AG Saige’s Sweater Outfit

Blouse: Hobby Lobby

Jeans: AG Ivy’s Meet Outfit

Shoes: Springfield Collection


Comment below if you want me to continue! :)