Sometimes I even annoy myself…

Hey everyone! Sorry for not posting in what seems like ages. I was just really busy.

So you know how I used to have another blog, Live Laugh Dolls, but then made this one because LLD had problems? Well, I have decided yet again to move this blog. This time I’m not using WordPress, I’m using Blogger. It just seems better for me, and I think I’ll be able to get more followers than I have on wordpress.

The blog is still going to be about dolls, and will still be called Maple Street Dolls. And, I’m keeping my wordpress blog up still because I have no idea how to import posts from here to blogger, so you wanna look back at my old posts, ya still can. =)

I’ll miss using WordPress, but I think Blogger is just a better  opportunity for me. I hope you understand and that you’re not mad at me or just really annoyed because I keep changing things around…

Here’s my new blog URL, please make sure to check it out and follow! :) http://maplestreetdolls.blogspot.com

See you over at blogger,


Loren’s AG Fan Meet-Up

Hello everyone! This is just a really quick post, but I just wanted to show you guys what I’ll be wearing today for Loren’s AG Fan Meet-Up!


You can’t really see it, but I’ll be wearing a bubble braid, too :)

So if you see someone in this outfit today, don’t be afraid to say hi! It will probably be me ;) Also, FYI, I wear two-tone black and blue glasses :P

I have my homeschool group today, so hopefully I’ll be able to meet someone! :)



Mini Dollhouse Tour

Hi everyone! I took some pictures for the mini dollhouse tour, so I decided to post them today. (BTW, I’m not completely done with the house. I still need to add a few things. Also, if you want to know how I made something, just ask in the comments!)


Here’s the living room. I’m pretty much done with this room, except I have to add a few things to the bookshelf.


The kitchen is next to the living room. I’m pretty much done with this room.


Sorry if this picture is a little blurry.

Here’s the bathroom. I’m also done with it.


Here’s McKenna’s room! What I like about the new one is that it’s bigger.  Her old one was a lot smaller. I’m also done with her room.


Here’s Lindsey’s and Samantha’s room! All I have to do to their room is add some pillows. XD


Here’s Saige’s room! I think this is my favorite. I’m completely done with her room.


Next to Saige’s room is her horse, Summer’s, stable!


Across the hall is Addy’s, Kirsten’s, and Violet’s room! Violet has the top bunk, and Addy and Kirsten share the bottom. I’m also done with their room.


Here’s Ellie’s room! I just have to add some posters to her walls, and add some random things to her shelf and her room will be done! ;)


The last room in the house is Kit’s and Ruthie’s, and all I have to add to their room is some posters to the walls.

So that’s the tour! Hope you enjoyed it. If you have any questions, remember to comment them down below.


P.S. Today’s shout-out goes to AGDTime!