Meet the Girls

~ Lindsey ~


Hi, I’m Lindsey! I’m 11 years old and I really love being outdoors, whether it be to garden, play with Coconut (her name is NOT Coco. Whoever thought that a white dog should be nicknamed Coco is insane. Hint, hint, Violet and Kit, hint, hint.), play with Sam, or anything else you can imagine! I love reading and writing, and someday I hope to be an author.

Name: Lindsey

Nickname: Samantha likes to call me Liz for some reason.

Age: 11

Pet(s): Coconut (Again, her nickname IS NOT Coco!)

Personality: I’m a really energetic, bubbly, outgoing, adventurous girl who absolutely loves the outdoors and animals!!

Likes: Gardening, playing with Coconut, reading, writing, baking.

Dislikes: Obviously when people call my white, fluffy, cute Westie ‘Coco’, it just bugs me! Oh, and when people skim through a book and don’t read it cover-to-cover, and when Violet just keeps complaining how I don’t have a fashionable wardrobe.

Gets along best with: Samantha!

~ Kirsten ~


Hi! I’m Kirsten! I’m 10 years old and I love reading, playing dolls, and hanging out with Addy. My favorite color is dark purple. 

Name: Kirsten

Nickname: None :)

Age: 10

Pet(s): Zoey

Personality: I’m really shy and quiet. Uh, that’s all :)

Likes: reading, playing dolls, and hanging out with Addy

Dislikes: Fighting, playing pranks on people, the cold, being gluten free.

Gets along best with: Addy

~ Addy ~


‘Ello! Addy here! So, I guess I’m supposed to write about myself on here? I hate doing these types of things… that’s why I always get someone else to do it for me. Uh, ok, so you already know my name is Addy, well actually it’s Addison, but I prefer to be called Addy. Um, my fav color is yellow, and I love playing pranks on my awesome half roommates, half sisters! (Maybe we’ll explain that situation later…) 

Name: Addison

Nickname: Addy (everyone calls me this… unless I’m in trouble, then they call me by my full name, Addison Sophia Walker.)

Age: 11

Pet(s): Bailey

Personality: I’m really energetic, hyper, and outgoing!

Likes: Playing pranks, crafting, hanging out with Kirsten, roller skating, skatborading.

Dislikes: Samantha’s cooking and baking (I’m a very picky eater), when I do something wrong.

Gets along best with: Kirsten

 ~ McKenna ~

YES! Finally! I get the computer! 

Anyways, ‘sup! It’s McKenna! I’m a hyper, energetic 14 year old girl who loves, loves, LOVES gymnastics, Starbucks, Instagram, texting, Pinterest, fashion, and fish! My favorite color is a really, really, really dark shade of turquoise, and since I’m 14 and the oldest, I get my own AWESOME AND HUGE bedroom (that was kinda random)!! 

Name: McKenna

Nickname: Sometimes people call me Kenna… I don’t really like it, though.

Age: 14

Pet(s): My adorable Goldendoodle, Cooper!

Personality: I’m a super energetic, sporty, typical teenage girl!

Likes: GYMNASTICS!!! Oh, and starbucks, instagram, texting, pinterest, fashion, fish, skateboarding, my bedroom, and calling Liz’s dog Coco!

Dislikes: reading, math, the color pink, and Josie and Samantha’s cooking (I prefer making my own food which means heating something quick in the microwave, or opening up a back of something.)

Gets along best with: Ellie

~ Samantha ~

Hello, my name is Samantha, but you can call me Sam if you want! I enjoy reading, cooking, science, writing, sewing, camping, hiking, and hanging out with Liz. My favorite color is dark red (like the color I’m writing in now). 

Name: Samantha 

Nickname: Almost everyone calls me Sam.

Age: 11

Pet(s): Pepper

Personality: I’m really quiet and shy around people I don’t know, but when I’m around my sisters, I tend to talk quite a bit xD 

Likes: Camping, hiking, cooking, sewing, reading, writing, science, and hanging out with Liz.

Dislikes: When people say they hate my cooking (which a hear quite a lot from some of my sisters), and when all Violet talks about is fashion!

Gets along best with: Lindsey or Josie



~ Violet ~


Full Name: Violet Olivia Luna

Type: Girl of the year “Marisol” of 2005

Nickname(s): Liv

Favorite colors: Pink and glitter <3

Hobbies: She LOVES Fashion, designing clothes, shopping, collecting shoes, hanging out with friends, and play with her cat, Penelope!

Personality: She’s a total girly-girl fashionista, she loves having lots of friends, and she’s super bubbly!

Fun fact: She absolutely loves bracelets!

Birthday: September 2

Age: 12

Favorite food: any type of pasta.

Favorite dessert: Strawberry ice cream

Favorite animal: Violet isn’t really an ‘Animal person’ but she does really like cats :D

Pet(s): Penelope.

Post color: Pink.

Received: September 2012 with my own money. (I got her and Sam at the same time from my sister)

~ Kit ~


Full Name: Kit Hope Kittredge

Nickname(s): Sometimes her sisters call her Kit-Kat or Kitty.

Type: Historical doll of 1934

Favorite color: Neon green

Hobbies: Reading, shopping, collecting hats, blogging, and playing with Carrot.

Personality: Kit’s a mixture of a tom-boy and a girly-girl, she’s not too girly but she does like dressing up and shopping. She’s also very hyper and energetic.

Fun fact: She sometimes wishes that her hair was longer.

Birthday: July 10th

Age: 12

Favorite food: Everything

Favorite dessert: Cupcakes, cookies, pies, every fruit in the world, candy, cake, and anything else you can think of.

Favorite animal: Owls

Pet(s): Carrot

Post color: Neon green

Received:  Christmas gift in 2012 from my grandma.

 ~ Saige ~

 {Picture coming soon}

Full Name: Saige Maria Copeland

Nickname(s): Only Violet calls her Saigie and she does it cause it annoys Saige a lot.

Type: Girl of the year 2013

Favorite color: Orange

Hobbies: Painting, drawing, baking, playing my guitar, reading, hiking, ridding my horse Summer.

Personality: Artistic, country girl, bubbly, outgoing

Fun fact: Saige did gymastics when she was little.

Birthday: February 16th.

Age: 12

Favorite food: pizza.

Favorite dessert: Mint chocolate chip ice cream.

Favorite animal: Horses!

Pet(s): Meatloaf, and Summer.

Post color: Orange

Received: Christmas, 2013, from my Grandma

~ Ruthie ~


Full name: Ruthie Anne Charlotte Smith

Nickname(s): None

Type: Retired AG Ruthie

Favorite color: Light blue

Hobbies: Reading, writing, baking, hanging out with my sisters, playing my flute, going to the bookstore, music, and acting!

Personality: Imaginative, daydreamer, kind, helpful

Fun fact: Ruthie was my first gray-eyed doll.

Birthday: June 18

Age: 11

Favorite food: Pot Pie

Favorite dessert: Cupcakes

Favorite animal(s): Dogs and cats

Pet(s): None.

Post color: light blue.

Received: June 2014 from my parents.

~ Eleanor ~


Full Name: Eleanor Ivy Rose Ling

Nickname(s): Everyone calls her Ellie!

Type: AG retired Ivy Ling

Favorite color: Bright red

Hobbies: Gymnastics, math, electronics, playing outside, nature, hanging out with McKenna and the rest of her sisters, being on the computer, blogging

Personality: Even though she’s only 12, Ellie is sometimes more mature than McKenna (Don’t tell McKenna that I said that, though ;). Ellie is very practical, and her sisters usually come to her for advise.

Fun fact: Ellie’s favorite hairstyle is pigtails.

Birthday: June 20th

Age: 12

Favorite food: Lo mein

Favorite dessert: Mango pudding

Favorite animal(s): Pandas! They’re so cute and cuddly :)

Pet(s): None

Post color: bright red

Received: June 2014

~ Josefina ~


Full Name: Josefina Leah-Grace Montoya

Nickname(s): Everyone calls her Josie, but sometimes people call her Josie-Grace.

Type: HC

Favorite color: Green

Hobbies: Cooking, reading, photography, playing piano.

Personality: Josie is very quiet and to hersef, and she’s very graceful.

Fun fact: She loves do people’s hair.

Birthday: August

Age: 12

Favorite food: Tacos

Favorite dessert: Any type of ice cream ;)

Favorite animal: She loves dogs of all kinds :)

Pet(s): None… Yet!

Post color: Green

Received: August, 2014, given to me from my sister’s friend.


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