Kit LOVES Hats! ツ

*This is a super old post that I never posted, so I thought I would now :)*

Hiyo, everybody!

Yep, you read it right — I LOVE hats! If you’ve ever read my bio, it clearly says that I love them. Just like Violet collect shoes — I collect TONS of hats. Do you remember when we did a tour of our house?? Well, that bunk bed that I, Kirsten, and Addy share has two drawers — one of them is empty and the other is where I keep all of my hats ;) and I don’t let anybody touch them except for Violet – she takes care of my stuff. So, now I’ll be showing you my collection.


So, here are all of my hats put together. Total I have 11 of them. They’re all soooooooo adorable, comfy, cozy, stylish, and I could NEVER EVER part with any of them. Like, seriously, I and hats go together like Nutella and a spoon ;) Or I could say like milk and cookies, or I could say, well, anything that tastes yummy and goes together! BTW, did I mention that I LOVE Nutella?????????? Yes, I’m obsessed with Nutella as well as hats, any type of food, books, the internet, and so much more. You might think that I’m not picky (since I almost like everything), but really, I’m the most picky doll in the whole house! The rest of my sisters like everything. Well, Sam doesn’t exactly like fashion like Violet does, so I guess you could say she’s a little picky ;) Now, where was I? Oh, yeah, I was talking about my collection of hats…


The first hat I’ll be showing you is none other than my Meet hat! This hat is super cute and comfy.


I just had to show you the big green bow on the side of this hat! I’m also kinda obsessed with bows, in case you were wondering ;)


Next is this lovely purple hat featuring a cheerful butterfly. This hat comes from the Pretty and Plaid Dress


This hat was crocheted by Mom. It’s soooooooo fuzzy! I love the colors too.


The next hat is features this adorable bunny.


Look at this cute lil’ guy!!


This is my 5th hat. For me, it’s the perfect hat for the winter. The pom-pom is adorable! <3


This is my next hat that mom got for me from Walmart. I usually don’t like pink, but I like this hat :)


This is one of my favorite hats {but it’s not most favorite I saved that one for last :) }! I love how it’s so green {green is my absolute favorite color}!!


Here’s another one of my hats. I also let Sam borrow this one because she really likes it :) She says it’s perfect for hikes.


Here’s my next hat. It’s from Violet’s meet outfit.


Here is my second-to-last hat. It’s from my school outfit. Like I said before, I usually don’t like pink, but for some odd reason, I really like this hat :D

Now I’m gonna be showing you my absolute FAVORITE hat!!!!!!


Ta-da! Here it is, my favorite hat!!! Do you know why it’s my favorite hat???  Yep, you guessed it! BECAUSE IT HAS AN ADORABLE OWL ON IT!!!!!


 Isn’t he like the most adorable thing ever?!

Now I have a question for you!  Do you like hats?

Hope you enjoyed this post! Have a fabulous rest of the day!!!!! ツ

~Kit XD


22 thoughts on “Kit LOVES Hats! ツ

  1. Charlie loves hats, although we don’t own many over at the Shire. Our favorite hat of Kit’s is totally the owl one! It’s super cute!!! Where did you get it? :)


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