Post Ideas ♥

Hello happy people :). Kit here! We don’t want you to think that we don’t have anymore ideas for posts, but we want to know what you’d want to read! So comment down below telling us what ideas you have, such as a photo-story about going to the library, or a review of something.

Also, we just looked at our stats and we have 392 views on out blog, 12 followers, and views from the USA, Canada, Germany, and Australia!!! and we’ve only had our blog for 12 days!!


Oh, remember, comment away!

~Kit XD


16 thoughts on “Post Ideas ♥

  1. I always like reviews of American girl outfits, and the dolls.
    Crafts are fun too! :)
    Or an AG book review! :)

    That’s awesome! I think I had about 300 views on my blog in about the first month! You are off to a GREAT start! I really like your blog!! :D



  2. I don’t know if you have Josefina, but I would love to see more posts of her (if you have her :P) I would also love to see hairstyles! I’m so glad I found this blog!



    • We’re sorry, none of us have Josefina. :(, but we can do hairstyles! Thanks for the ideas!!

      ~The Dazzling Dollies~


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